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civil society

Supporting and Empowering Civil Society

Who we are

We believe civil society and independent media are at the heart of social change and progress in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Even in the most difficult environments, active citizens rooted in their communities are vital to the creation of more open and accountable societies.

What we do

We empower change-makers with the knowledge, skills and resources to hold power to account. We help civic groups and independent media connect with their communities, reach new audiences and strengthen their sustainability.

How we do it

We provide grants, trainings and professional exchanges to civic initiatives and independent media. We support groups documenting war crimes in Ukraine, human rights lawyers, social businesses, independent media, anti-domestic violence campaigners, rule of law advocates, and many other creative and energetic leaders.

Latest News from the Prague Civil Society Centre

Activists Documenting War Crimes and Journalists from Ukraine Visit Prague

Our partners, Ukrainian journalists and activists documenting Russia’s war crimes, visited Prague for two events with students and the public.

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‘They Had No Choice’: The New Reality for Ukraine’s Journalists

Lviv Media Forum Executive Director Olga Myrovych explains the challenges facing Ukrainian journalists and why their work is more important than ever.

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BumpUp! Brings Content Creators Together

Instagrammers, YouTubers and TikTokers from Eastern Europe and Central Asia with a passion for social change meet up in Vilnius.

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Get Involved!

Our events bring people together from across the region, from different backgrounds and professions.

Our network is made up of content creators committed to important social issues, human rights defenders, journalists, social entrepreneurs serving their communities, anti-corruption activists, advocates for women and minorities, protectors of the environment, educators, and others with a passion for positive change.

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