Central Europe Programme

What is the Central Europe Programme?

The Central Europe Programme supports and empowers local actors in independent media and the civic sector in Central Europe to safeguard democratic institutions and strengthen networks of active citizens defending democratic values.

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Call for Media Experts

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Grants to independent media

The grants will enable independent media and civic groups to experiment with new platforms, formats and fundraising models, and grow their audiences.

In the first round of funding, Up to 50,000 euros will be awarded to approximately 15 independent media outlets from Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovenia.

Why Central Europe?

Following the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, Central European countries were amongst the most ardent pursuers of a free and open future. This desire started a transition process towards democracy, and the countries of Central Europe successfully implemented reforms, built institutions, and succeeded in early tests.

As new challenges to democracy continue to emerge, independent media and civil society are the cornerstones of democratic participation, rule of law, transparency, and pluralism. The Central Europe Programme will support those actors defending and advancing these values.

Central Focus

The Central Europe Programme will provide media and civil society with the tools to enhance their resiliency, capacity and cross-sectoral cooperation. Our support will help strengthen the competitiveness, financial independence and sustainability of media, and build the watchdog skills of civil society to enhance rule of law observance, expose and combat corruption, and increase access to justice.

Our support will augment the impact of independent media and civil society in the region through a combination of targeted grants, mentoring and strategic networking.