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Strengthening Ukraine’s Voice in the EU: Grants for Civil Society

We're offering grants to Ukrainian civic organisations and initiatives to support them in building partnerships with other European counterparts.

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‘They Had No Choice’: The New Reality for Ukraine’s Journalists

Lviv Media Forum Executive Director Olga Myrovych explains the challenges facing Ukrainian journalists and why their work is more important than ever.

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Война в Украине глазами Центральной Азии

Гражданское общество в Казахстане и Кыргызстане солидаризовалось с Украиной и украинскими беженцами, несмотря на то власти этих стран заняли опасный нейтралитет.

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Ukraine Truth Defenders Fund

The Prague Civil Society Centre has started a special fund with a goal to raise 5 million euros in support of independent media and civil society.

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Documenting War Crimes in Ukraine

Ukrainian human rights defenders draw on their years of experience preparing cases for international courts on rights violations in Russian occupied territories.

In Addition to Warm Food, Clothes & Shelter, Volunteers Offer Hope

How Ukrainian civil society has responded to the humanitarian crisis wrought by Russia’s invasion.

The Legacy of Czechoslovakia's 'Russian Aid Action' 100 Years On

As Kremlin pressure forces activists abroad, Czechs and Russian diaspora remember solidarity with Russian Civil War refugees.

Prague Single Mothers in Solidarity with Ukrainian Women

Czech charity supporting single-parent families with clothes and household items reach out to Ukrainian women, with the spirit of giving bursting at the seams.

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