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Students Leading the Change: Ukraine

Maidan and Revolution of Dignity, 2013-2014: Interview with Pavlo Bondarenko, one of the student leaders of the revolution.

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Students Leading the Change: Armenia

Student leader of Armenia’s Velvet Revolution and Prague Civil Society Centre Fellow Davit Petrosyan discusses the role of students in democratisation movements.

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Students Leading the Change: Czechoslovakia 1989

In our series Students Leading the Change, we’re looking at the role of student activists in democratisation processes ahead of the November 17th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia

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Advocacy in Action

Georgian women’s rights activist and former Prague Civil Society Centre fellow shares her approach to advocacy and how she makes women heard.

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On Air: Talking Decolonisation from Kazakhstan to Ukraine

Our pop-up podcast studio on the sidelines of Unlock 2023 provided a space for content creators and civic activists to share ideas.

In Kyrgyzstan, a decolonisation discourse emerges

Perizat Saitburkhan, a journalist from Kyrgyzstan and former Prague Civil Society Centre fellow, discusses decolonisation in her country.

Checkpoint Peace Interrogates Disinfo Narratives in Germany

Ukrainian activists in Berlin and Kyiv take on dystopic peace discourse with creative campaigning.

From a Lviv Bunker, Ukrainians Plan for their Country’s Future

Ukrainian civil society met in late September to discuss how Ukraine’s post-war recovery should look, even as air raid sirens warning of continued Russian attacks sounded above.

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