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Events & Exchanges

Prague Centre events bring together people from all over Eastern Europe and Central Asia to meet, think and share.
Our events look to find practical solutions to the most pressing problems. From crowdfunding and campaigning to censorship circumvention and security, we connect individuals, organisations and initiatives with the support they need to succeed.

We offer a wide range of events for activists and journalists working on a broad range of topics. One fixture in the calendar is Unlock. Our annual gathering in Prague, Unlock brings 200 activists and changemakers from across the countries we work to showcase what is possible even in times of war and heightened repression, as well as provide a unique blend of networking, workshops and experiences.

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Building Networks

The long-term future of the region will rely on established networks of informed citizens collaborating with each other and thinking critically and strategically. We support the growth and development of these networks by offering opportunities for leading members of civil society, journalists, reformers and researchers to come together, share their experiences and explore ideas for reform.

International seminars provide a forum for rigorous discussion between leading civil society representatives from the region with journalists, analysts and researchers. Our fellowship programme brings leading members of civil society and researchers from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to Prague to conduct intensive research, writing and networking. You can find out more about our former fellows here and read some of their articles. Professional exchanges give the opportunity for people working with public policy, journalism or research to conduct two-month placements in various think tanks and media outlets in the region.

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Supporting Civic Projects


We provide grants to support civic initiatives, projects and independent media across Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. We look for opportunities to support projects that help active citizens connect with communities, build lasting relationships and push for social change.

Our grants support projects working on free speech and access to information, human rights and legal empowerment, democracy, gender equality and the environment. In Ukraine, we support independent media reporting on the war and fighting disinformation, as well as civic groups documenting war crimes and rallying the world behind the Ukraine cause.

Grantees are also provided with institutional support and opportunities for training, learning and development. We are flexible and responsive and don’t impose thematic requirements.

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