An Ideathon For Ukraine's Post-war Reconstruction

Application deadline: 
June 27, 2023

In partnership with the International Renaissance Foundation, we are now accepting applications for Unlock Ukraine, an ideathon for civil society engaged in Ukraine’s reconstruction.

Imagine buildings destroyed by shells being rebuilt with ramps for inclusive access. Imagine developers respecting green spaces in the reconstruction process. Imagine sustainable, livable communities rising from the rubble.

It’s time to meet others who share this vision and are working toward it right now!  

The aim of Unlock Ukraine is to reinvent Ukraine, a place where we aspire to live, and to (re)discover inclusive spaces in our cities and villages.

Where: Lviv, Ukraine

When: September 18-20, 2023.

Over two and a half days, Ukrainian and international participants will share ideas and experiences of post-war recovery, memory preservation and trauma reinterpretation. Together they will develop new solutions big and small. The format is an ideathon.

What is an ideathon?

An ideathon is a collective brainstorming or collaboration where specialists from different fields look for ideas and solutions to particular problems at the point where their competencies and domains overlap.

Project Support

At the end of Unlock Ukraine there will be an open vote for the projects created and presented during the two days, with prizes awarded to the winners.

Selected participants will later be invited to develop their projects in more detail and apply for a mini grant from the Prague Civil Society Centre. Other forms of financial support will also be available.

To learn more an apply for participation, visit the Unlock Ukraine website.

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