Strengthening Ukraine’s Voice in the EU: Grants for Civil Society

Application deadline: 
August 5, 2022

What: An open call for grants to Ukrainian civic organisations and initiatives to support them in building partnerships with other European counterparts. We want to give Ukrainian organisations an opportunity to establish partnerships in other European countries, strengthen new solidarity networks that popped up in response to the full-blown invasion, and foster more long-term exchange between Ukrainian organisations and key partners in other European countries.

Who is eligible: Ukrainian civil society organisations/initiatives in partnerships with one or more counterparts in other European countries. We are ready to support the strengthening of an ongoing partnership as well as the establishment of a new partnership (applicants are responsible for finding and coming to a preliminary agreement with their partner in another European country before applying). Current Prague Civil Society Centre grantees are also eligible to apply.

How much and when: Grants will range from 20,000 to 120,000 EUR for each project. Costs can be covered from August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023. Co-funding is not required.

Application deadline: September 16, 2022

Why: With Russia’s attack on Ukraine, a number of new supporters of the country have emerged, stepping up for Ukraine by holding public demonstrations, crowdfunding for humanitarian assistance and aid to refugees, making public appeals to accelerate Ukraine’s EU candidacy, and more. Ukrainian NGOs, think-tanks and expert organisations have become strong international advocates for Ukraine, and play a key role in policy debate on support for Ukraine and its recovery.

What kind of proposals are we looking for?

Successful proposals may include:

-joint articles or reports

-joint events

-partner visits to Ukraine


-discussions or other awareness campaigns in European countries

-professional exchanges and short-term stays in project partners’ countries

-or other ideas.

We will prioritise projects that aim to develop deeper links between partners rather than one-off events. We also encourage collaborations with media, content creators, grassroots activists, emerging groups and relevant cultural initiatives. Although we are ready to support some already ongoing/planned work, we will prioritise new or experimental initiatives.

How will proposals be evaluated?

We will evaluate the proposals against the track record and capacities of the applicant and their partner, as well as the relevance of the proposed activities to the general aim of the project. We will be happy to support experimental/pilot projects. We expect to make the funding decisions by the end of October 2022. This grant call is competitive.

How to Apply

The application consists of the following parts:

1) Request for Funding (Parts A, B, C, &D)

2) Project Budget & Organisational Budget

Please fill in all parts of the application, otherwise we will not process it. Submit your application and documents in English. All information will be treated with due confidentiality.

If you have any additional documentation you want to share with us (i.e., organigram, Google analytics, etc.), please attach them as a separate file.

Budget: Carefully fill in all projected costs in the correct budget chapter (salaries, activities, equipment, office and services, other direct costs, institutional support). Always find a suitable unit and quote unit cost and number of units. Please put your comments on the budget in the comments column.

You will find an example of a correctly filled budget in the Excel file above (sheet 3).

You can budget up to 35% of the total amount of the grant as institutional support to increase the resilience of your organisation/initiative or support new organisational set-up or needs. These costs may include salaries of staff beyond the given project, staff capacity building, or financial/security audits, as well as other expenses related to unpredictable changes because of the war in Ukraine (remote work of the team, etc.).

Please submit your application materials by September 16, 2022 to

If you have other questions related to this call, please contact us via the above email address.

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