Supporting Independent Media and Civil Society in Ukraine

Application deadline: 
July 14, 2023

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion in Ukraine, the Prague Civil Society Centre has granted over 100 million CZK (€4.2m) to over 100 media and civil society partners in Ukraine.

The Prague Centre was quick to respond to the full-scale invasion and our grants provided much needed emergency support to civil society and independent media in the country. Our support helped groups address immediate needs and transition to wartime work. Groups we funded have played a key role in documenting war crimes committed by the invading army and have ensured that specialized documentation of crimes such as strikes against health infrastructure and the environmental cost of the war is recorded and evidence gathered.

The Prague Centre has also supported media with initial emergency funding to sustain their operations, bridge the collapse in advertising revenue, expand reporting, get and replace protective gear for journalists, arrange safety measures, and replace lost or damaged equipment.

Our media support program has awarded some 71m million CZK (€3m) to media in the country. Our partners range from the most well-known established Ukrainian media to the smallest local outlets, including those on the frontlines, providing people affected by the invasion with information and news regarding their home region.

The Prague Civil Society Centre remains committed to supporting Ukrainian civil society and independent media. Alongside our regular programme of grants, fellowships and exchanges we will be hosting Unlock Ukraine, an ideathon for civil society engaged in Ukraine’s reconstruction in partnership with the International Renaissance Foundation in Lviv. Applications are open now.

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